Our team

Danny Wisniewski

As owner and head coach of The Hive, Danny is has been involved in CrossFit since its early days in the UK. He has a passion for helping people move better and making people feel a part of something, in particular, the community here at The Hive. His favourite part of coaching is helping people achieve something that they couldn’t do previously. Danny’s vast wealth of knowledge will provide you with a valuable, supportive experience to achieve your personal goals on your fitness and wellness journey.

coach danny
coach beth

Beth Hoggarth

Beth is one of our longest serving members of our coaching team having been with The Hive for five years. Beth has a calm and methodical approach to coaching and co-runs The Hive Barbell Club. She has a particular interest in nutrition and weightlifting. Beth strives to provide people with an environment where they can be themselves and finding ways in which she can help them to get the most out of their session. The part Beth enjoys most about coaching is seeing people improve in different areas and improve their quality of life through health and fitness. “I feel honoured to be able to take part in member’s journey.”

Sheryl Coultas Anderson

Sheryl has a wealth of knowledge across a wide spectrum of fitness demographics including working with the younger and older generations. Sheryl has a specific passion for developing teen fitness in her Growing Strong programme but most of all loves making members feel that they are learning, progressing, they feel safe and comfortable and enjoy every session. She finds it particularly rewarding helping members to achieve something that they thought wasn’t possible. Sheryl is friendly, warm and welcoming and will make you feel at ease in her fun sessions.

coach sheryl
coach ben

Sam Thompson

Recently new to coaching, Sam brings enthusiasm to each of his sessions. Sam delivers fun but detailed approach to coaching and is continually striving to improve his knowledge. Sam has a passion for building strong, fast, capable people who are always striving for better. He particularly enjoys seeing members ‘click’ with movements but also seeing the wider impact beyond the gym such and how fitness affects our members in a positive way. “That’s the magic for me”.

Karrina Howe

Karrina is the newest member of The Hive coaching team, is a Weightlifting Coach and co-runs The Hive Barbell Club.  She provides a straight talking, clear and precise approach to coaching and is passionate about working in an environment where people are looking for help in becoming fitter and healthier.  Job satisfaction for Karrina comes from helping people to build confidence, achieve and then set new goals.

coach karrina