One word… cake.

Join this saturday for our

This Saturday we will be having a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. It would be great to have as many of you there as possible to help raise money for this amazing cause and, of course, have a fun team WOD and eat cake!!!

Everyone is welcome to join.

We hope you can all make it!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Ever thought about trying CrossFit? Now is your chance…

For the month of September, we are offering you the opportunity to have a trial week, free of charge. We want people to see what CrossFit is all about and to get the full experience here at CrossFit Central Lancaster. No obligation to join, simply a chance to trial a week with us.

September heads up



Here’s what is happening with Base in September…
September we will continue with our Back Squat cycle and with the Pull/Push movement days. The Back Squat days are leading into our 5RM retest in early October. There is not a huge amount of Olympic lifting this month but next month we will start our Barbell Cycling sessions so will have more of a focus then.

Quick recap of this month and following months:

Phase 1 started on August 18th and run till October 6th. We are running a Back Squat cycle and then second to that we are having sessions where we focus on Weighted Pull/Push movements and Bodyweight Pull/Push movements. This combination will be the majority of our strength training.

Phase 2 that will start directly after on October 7th until November 25th will have another Back Squat cycle (continue from Phase 1) and second to that will be Barbell Cycling sessions.

September’s ‘PEAK’ program will be focused on a deadlift and bench press progressive overload cycle as well as increasing kipping handstand push up and muscle up efficiency under fatigue.

Tribal Clash 2016


Last weekend, CFCL went down to Devon to participate in Tribal Clash.  This is a team event which took place on Blackpool Sands beach over two days.  The team was made up of 6 members and they were tested to their limits through some challenging workouts including log carries, rope climbs, beam walks, trail runs, atlas stone lifts and open water swims.  CFCL came out the other side in an amazing 43rd place out of 168 teams! A huge well done to all who competed and a massive thank you to those who showed their support either by attending the event and cheering on the sidelines, or with messages of good luck.  Team work is definitely what made this weekend such an awesome one.

Well done to everyone and roll on Tribal Clash 2017!

New deadlift cycle starts today.

Program Focus_ Deadlift

We are open again.

We're back!

Monday 2nd November 2015


Happy Monday everybody! Don’t forget we have changed our morning class times to 6:30am-7:30am, hopefully this changed will better for everyone wanting to train early doors.

Thursday 29th October 2015


Snatch complex



Overhead squat


Wednesday 28th October 2015


If you need to work on your Double unders, today is the day to get in. We will be working from the foundations up:

Double under skill work



Double unders



Tuesday 27th October 2015


Well done to all who competed at our In-house competition, you were absolutely fantastic! What a great day.
Here are the final positions for the day:
Female category:
1st: Jade Taylor
2nd: Cat Primmer
3rd: Sheryl Coultas Anderson
4th: Joanne Cooper
5th: Sally Allen
6th: Christine Harwood
7th: Alex Monks
8th: Carol Kershaw
9th: Cara Richmond
1st: Charlie Russell
2nd: Sam Thompson
3rd: Martin Donovan
4th: Allan Keefe
5th: Jarrod Richmond
6th: Al Davies
7th: Dave Toole
8th: Jon Wickham
9th: Alistair MacAdam
10th: George Richmond
11th: Wishy Wisniewski
12th: Paddy Suthers
13th: Shaun McGloughlin
A huge thank you to Danny for being an utterly awesome coach! and to Gary for doing everything that we ask of him and more. A big thank you to all of our amazing judges (Carrie-anne, James, Liam, Nicola, Beth) and media man Matt who gave up their time, it is very much appreciated and we hope you like your t-shirts!
That is us signing off for the weekend. We hope you all have a restful weekend, see you next week!
“Can i just say something, WE ARE ALL AWESOME!” (to quote Jade Taylor)