CrossFit Classes

Functional Fitness for Everyone

CrossFit is a constantly varied form of functional training which is performed at high intensity. Classes are focussed on a Workout Of the Day (WOD) which involves a carefully programmed combination of running, rowing , powerlifting, weightlifting and gymnastics designed to improve your overall fitness and strength.

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olympic weightlifting class

Barbell Club

Olympic Weightlifting in Lancaster

Olympic Lifting is a incredible form of strength and conditioning that offers a great bang for your buck in terms of improving strength, speed, power, cardiovascular health, and balance. Not only that, it’s fun!  

The Hive: Staying Strong

Strength & Fitness for the older generation

We want to ensure that you remain strong, healthy, energetic and independent as you age.Our sessions consist of a carefully programmed mix of strength work, balancing skills, general fitness, free movement and play.  

gym classes for the elderly
childrens gym class

The Hive: Growing Strong

Strength & Fitness for young people

We want to ensure that your children develop a wide set of skills as they grow, to allow and prepare them to engage and interact with the environment with confidence, motivation and knowledge.  

The Hive: Circuits

Whole body exercise for all

A quick 45 minute session, perfect for fitting into a busy schedule.  Circuits focusses on whole body functional strength and conditioning using an interesting mix of exercises with both body weight and specific equipment.  You will never get bored with a mix of exercises such as tyre flipping, battle ropes, bear crawls and powerbag carries.